Séminaire Linguistique Informatique

26 Octobre 2010

Livy Maria Real Coelho

TITRE: An application of Categorial Grammar to Portuguese Morphology

This work points out a semantic approach to the morphological level, strongly based on Hoeksema(1985), the first work that claims about the application of Categorial Grammar (CG) on morphological level, and on Bayer (1997) who proposed the inclusion of a third semantic type on the Montagovian type system. Based on CG, I look at the morphological level through the same syntactic rules adopted by the model. Exploring this possibility, a theoretical improvement in CG is reached since through the same formal structure it is possible to look at the morphological, semantic and syntactic levels. To show this application, I  consider a nominalizer suffix in Brazilian Portuguese, -ura, present in such words as abertura (opening) and assadura (baking/rash).