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LACL'2005 - Student Session

Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics



The student session of the LACL'2005 conference took place on Friday 29 April 2005. It consisted of a poster presentation. The program of the student session was as follows. (The proceedings are available online.)

Yafa Al-Raheb
Speaker/ Hearer Representation in DRT: Presupposition and Belief

Maxime Amblard
Grammaires Minimalistes et Compteurs

Eva Banik
Argument sharing in LTAG - Scope ambiguities in Right Node Raising

Matteo Capelletti
Clitic Left Dislocation in the Non-Associative Lambek Calculus with Dual Operators

Scott Grimm
Dynamic Semantics and "Why Don't You" Speech Acts

Véronique Moriceau
Answer Selection in a Cooperative Question-Answering System

Farid Nouioua
Why did the accident happen? A norm-based reasoning approach

Céline Raynal
Adaptation du modèle de Rooth pour le calcul de la restriction en français

Willemijn Vermaat
A flexible deductive account of wh-question formation

The proceedings are available as LaBRI research report RR-1356-05.